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プロ・専門家の海外ボランティア ビジネス

Business consultation on a qualified business project abroad


You can take part in development projects as a volunteer business professional with Projects Abroad PRO. All business projects are based in the developing world and are ideal for recent graduates, retirees or those on a career break.

We work with a variety of local partners, including NGOs, micro finance projects and entrepreneurs. Examples of this include our volunteer business development project in South Africa and our micro finance project in Tanzania. On these projects you will work alongside experienced professionals as well as less qualified individuals who will benefit from your guidance.

Our partners want to increase growth, develop staff training, and improve their facilities and infrastructure. Volunteers on a business project with specific skills and qualifications can play an important role in this development process.

Given the wide range of non-profits, government departments and businesses with which we work, you will be placed where you will have the greatest impact. This ensures that you will not only have an incredible experience, but also make a difference.

Please find below a list of all the available Projects Abroad PRO Business projects.


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