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  • 活動場所: 上海、成都
  • 活動先: 法律相談事務所
  • 役割: 中国の法律相談事務所で現地スタッフのサポート
  • 参加条件: 大学で一年以上法学を勉強していること。ビジネスレベルの英語力
  • 滞在先: ボランティアアパート
  • 参加期間: 4週間以上
  • 開始日: 随時

本プロジェクトへの参加条件として、支障なく英語でのコミュニケーションができ、読み書きができることが要求されます よって本ページはすべて英語での案内となりますので、あらかじめご了承ください。

Our law internships in China are based in the vibrant cities of Shanghai and Chengdu. In this ever changing country, there are many new western companies taking advantage of an increasingly open Chinese economy to set up a Chinese division. Most of these firms need legal assistance to satisfy local business requirements and your law internship in China will undoubtedly reflect corporate life in this evolving and fast paced society.

To apply for one of our Law in China internships you must have some legal experience and be a minimum of 18 years old.Most of our interns are either part way through a law degree or have completed their studies and are interested in gaining practical work experience in a law firm abroad.



中国の法律事務所で海外経験を積むインターンの様子Companies arriving in China need to adapt to the new environment and different legal system. Day-to-day you'll intern alongside English speaking local lawyers, one of which will act as your supervisor. Your language abilities and understanding of western culture on top of your knowledge of law will be interesting and useful to Chinese law firms.

Projects Abroad will find you a law internship that fits with your own areas of interest. Interns have worked in areas such as banking law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate intellectual property, taxation and insolvency. Please let us know of any preferences you may have.


中国で法律の海外インターンシップ ミーティング中のインターンと現地スタッフ

An internship abroad with a well respected law firm in Shanghai or Chengdu will be a valuable addition to your resume in this notoriously competitive profession. Having international law experience might just secure you that lucrative first job once you graduate.

All law interns based in Shanghai and Chengdu live in shared apartments with other Projects Abroad volunteers and interns.

If you are a high school student and first-time traveler you may want to consider our High School Special programs in China.

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