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  • 活動場所: ラバト
  • 役割: 現地のNGOや政府機関で国内外の問題に取り組むこと
  • 参加条件: 大学で法律を最低1年勉強していること。ビジネスレベルのフランス語もしくはアラビア語力。
  • 滞在先: ホームステイ
  • 参加期間: 8週間以上
  • 開始日: 随時

本プロジェクトへの参加条件として、支障なくフランス語でのコミュニケーションができ、読み書きができることが要求されます 。本ページの日本語ページはございません。ご了承ください。

モロッコで海外インターンシップ 人権擁護の活動に携わるインターンたちYou will gain incredible experience while interning abroad on a Human Rights internship in Morocco! This is a great international internship whether you are a law student on a sabbatical or school break or a graduate looking to gain some practical work experience in human rights or law prior to a master’s degree. Interns must have at least one year of related experience to participate.


Over the past decade many national and international organizations have been working with the Moroccan authorities to improve the situation of the poor and vulnerable within the country. Projects Abroad interns assist in a variety of hands-on initiatives, policy building research, and fact-finding missions.

The Human Rights project’s main language of communication is Arabic or French. Interns must have advanced speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in one or both of these languages.

Interns are required to join the Human Rights project for at least eight weeks. This is to allow for time to adapt to the new environment, learn about the work, and truly contribute to the project.



Depending on your studies and areas of interest, you have different opportunities in Morocco for Human Rights. Grass roots organizations need assistance with fact-finding missions, educational campaigns, refugee work, and general support of vulnerable people.


Most human rights organizations are located in the cosmopolitan capital of Rabat or the commercial capital of Casablanca. An internship in Morocco offers a unique opportunity for legal work and a special cultural experience for those interested in the field of human rights.

Our main projects involve the rights of women, children and refugees. Your role might involve various activities such as:

  • Raising awareness in communities
  • Preparing leaflets, posters or educational tools
  • Running training programs
  • Planning promotional campaigns
  • Monitoring elections

The human rights organizations we partner with are serious professional bodies. You may sometimes have deadlines or be asked to represent the organization at meetings and other events. Your work will be important for the growth of human rights in North Africa.

When the number of Human Rights interns exceeds two at a time, our team in Morocco are able to organize monthly workshops for the Human Rights interns. The workshops provide more information about the placements, the interns’ roles, and the impact of the Human Rights organizations in society. This all helps interns to contribute more effectively in their workplace. Topics such as current affairs and changes in the law are also discussed. When there are just one or two Human Rights volunteers, the above topics are still covered one-on-one with the placement supervisor.

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