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  • 活動場所: コロンボ
  • 活動先: 出版社、ラジオ局、メディアハウス
  • 役割: ジャーナリズムの分野で実践的な経験を積み、出版社・ラジオ局・メディアハウスのいずれかでリサーチ、インタビュー、執筆、レポートの仕事に従事
  • 参加条件: 出版社・ラジオ局:ジャーナリズムを少なくとも1年間は履修していること。メディアハウス:特になし
  • 滞在先: ホストファミリー
  • 参加期間: 出版(8週間以上)、ラジオ及びメディアハウス(12週間以上)
  • 開始日: 随時


For those seeking to gain international work experience in journalism, a Projects Abroad Journalism internship in Sri Lanka is a fantastic opportunity to live and work abroad. While living and working in the lively capital city of Colombo, you will gain a great deal of valuable work experience. In this city there is never a dull moment and you will find plenty to report on.


In Colombo, Projects Abroad has print, radio and media house (radio, TV, and multi-media) journalism placements available for aspiring and established journalists.

Please note that to intern on either the print or radio journalism placements you must have some previous journalistic experience and a passion for journalism. Interns without experience are still able to apply for our media house journalism placement. You will be asked to submit your resume and a sample article when you apply.

These placements are ideal for university students and graduates. We also offer placements for experienced journalists. This is your chance to put together a portfolio of journalistic work while living on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.



Print journalism interns work at either a national daily or weekly English language publication. The papers we work with feature articles on current affairs, arts, sport, and business. Your daily tasks will include researching, interviewing, feature writing, and reporting.

Throughout your internship you will get the chance to shadow reporters, learn top tips and techniques, and ultimately become a roving reporter pursuing your own ideas and contacts. You can expect to be set a variety of assignments. You may be reviewing a play one day, and you may find yourself at a PR event the next. You could also find yourself writing about business and commerce or reporting on the latest news.

The print journalism placement is only for interns who can dedicate a minimum of eight weeks to the project in Sri Lanka.


The radio journalism project is based in the heart of Colombo. Depending on your interests and experience you could work in the following areas: broadcasting, sales and marketing, creative writing, and news journalism. There are also opportunities within the technical department. The hours of work are flexible and interns could be expected to work late into the evening or even at weekends if required.

Radio Journalism interns must have completed at least one year of journalism related studies and need to be prepared to stay at their placement for a minimum of twelve weeks. You will also need to submit a copy of your resume when you apply. This placement is best suited for students looking to pursue journalism as a career.

On this placement your input will be greatly encouraged and appreciated, especially if you prove to be adaptable and enthusiastic. Take every opportunity presented to you and you will reap the journalistic rewards.


The Media House placement is located in Colombo, and consists of a TV station, radio station and a news website. Interns will be able to work in a variety of fields and departments, where they will shadow local journalists. Your responsibilities will be dependent upon your level of experience.

The Media House Journalism internship is only available for interns who can dedicate a minimum of twelve weeks to the project. However, this placement is available for interns with no journalism experience.

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