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  • 活動場所: アルーシャ
  • 役割: 現地スタッフと共に、女性や子供たちの権利をサポートし、弁護すること
  • 活動先: プロジェクトアブロード運営の人権オフィス
  • 参加条件: ビジネスレベルの英語力
  • 滞在先: ホームステイ
  • 参加期間: 4週間以上
  • 開始日: 随時


If you are interested in seeing human rights in practice and gaining direct experience in the field, join Projects Abroad on the Human Rights Project in Tanzania. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our local staff at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office (PAHRO) in Arusha, working to defend the rights of marginalized women and children. You will also get involved with working alongside a local and respected NGO.



The Human Rights Project focuses on working directly with women’s groups and a juvenile center, defending the rights of the people here and assisting with legal matters. The NGO we work with concentrates on helping women, especially widows (they do also help a wide variety of other people who need help). A lot of their work revolves around helping individuals claim their property and inheritance rights and supporting widows who have suffered injustices.

This placement is suitable for interns of varying skill levels and experience: you can be a student with a general interest in human rights, a pre-law student building a resume, a law student seeking an internship placement, or a graduate or legal professional looking to gain practical international experience. No matter which one you fall under, you will have a crucial role to play at the project and in people’s lives.


プロジェクトアブロード法律&人権プロジェクト 権利を求める現地人女性たちInterning at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office in Arusha will pave the way for you to gain invaluable practical skills and knowledge. Each intern can get involved with the following tasks:

  • Assist with regular visits to women's groups and a juvenile center
  • Research legal cases
  • Prepare legal training for the women's groups
  • Provide legal advice to members of the local community
  • Creating presentations about human rights, which will be presented to various groups. Examples of topics covered include inheritance, domestic violence, divorce, child maintenance and land rights.
  • Interviewing women or juveniles to help build their cases.
  • Preparing individuals for court. This includes acting out or role-playing different scenarios in court such as how to address the judge.
  • Assisting with writing a new plea, or updating existing ones, under the guidance and supervision of the Human Rights coordinator with the assistance of a social welfare officer and legal consultants.
  • Attending court sessions.
  • Writing a report after a case has been dealt with.


What you get involved in depends on your level of experience and your areas of interest. While you do not need previous experience to join, it is important that you have a strong interest in legal matters with a particular focus on matters relating to land, probate, and inheritance. We welcome those who have legal qualifications or who are pursuing related degrees. It is also important that you are flexible, enthusiastic, communicate well, and are eager and willing to learn. This will help you get the most out of your internship abroad.


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