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  • 活動場所: グアダラハラ
  • 業種・職種: マーケティング、ブランディング、コーポレートコミュニケーション、危機管理
  • 役割: コンサルティング企業でクライアント管理のアシストを行うこと
  • 参加条件: 17歳以上、初級~中級レベルのスペイン語力
  • 滞在先: ホームステイ
  • 参加期間: 4週間以上
  • 開始日 随時


本プロジェクトへの参加条件として、 支障なく英語でコミュニケーションでき、読み書きができることが要求されます。 よって本ページの日本語ページはございませんのでご了承ください。

The field of business is a highly competitive one, especially for recent graduates looking to start their careers. An international internship with Projects Abroad in Mexico is a great way to gain the practical skills and experience needed to set yourself apart from the crowd. Whether you are a gap year student planning to study business in college, or a graduate or professional looking to boost your resume, you will have a meaningful experience as an intern in Mexico.

Our Business Project is based in Guadalajara, where we are partnered with a local consulting firm that specializes in marketing, branding, corporate communication and crisis management. Their clients include private companies, NGOs, and various levels of government. Here, your role will be that of an intern and you will work with consultants on specific cases for clients. These cases will depend on the projects taken on by the firm at that time and your own interests. 

To join this project, you will need to speak low-intermediate Spanish and be a minimum of 17 years old. If you need some help with your Spanish skills, we recommend taking a Spanish Language Course before joining the Business Project and/or a Language Add-on during your placement.




At the Business Project in Mexico, the exact work you do as an intern will depend on your skills and experience. You will get involved in the day-to-day activities at the firm, such as joining staff meetings, and work with professional consultants who will provide you with guidance and advice.

We encourage you to be proactive and try to give as much input as possible. Take the opportunity to make your own suggestions, explain how things work back home, and practice your Spanish. Adaptability and willingness to learn will be crucial to getting the most out of your internship.

While you are interning in Guadalajara, you will be expected to be punctual, professional, and diligent. You will be required to work an average of 35 hours per week, usually Monday to Friday. On your first day at work, you will be introduced to your supervisor who will advise and support you throughout your placement. Projects Abroad staff will also be on hand to guide you for the duration of your internship.

If you are interested in using your business skills and experience to work with NGOs in Guadalajara, we also have an International Development Project in Mexico.

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