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  • 活動場所: エレディア
  • 活動先: 出版社、マルチメディアプロダクション
  • 参加条件: 少なくても一年以上のジャーナリズム関連経験またはトレーンングを受けていること。ビジネスレベル以上のスペイン語能力
  • 役割: 国立大学にいるジャーナリストたちの下での新聞発刊業務
  • 滞在先: ホームステイ
  • 参加期間: 12週間以上
  • 開始日: 随時


本プロジェクトへの参加条件として、 支障なくスペイン語でのコミュニケーションができ、読み書きができることが要求されます。よって本ページの日本語案内はございませんのであらかじいめご了承ください。

Projects Abroad interns joining a Journalism project in Costa Rica will work alongside local journalists at the National University’s Communications Office in the city of Heredia. As a Journalism intern, you will get an insider's view of how a communications office is run, and become involved in a wide variety of professional journalism work.

Your resume will be greatly enhanced by the practical skills that you gain during your Journalism internship in Costa Rica, and the global experience of living and working in a different country will act as proof of your adaptability.

Interns joining this project should have at least one year of relevant journalism experience or training, and excellent written and spoken Spanish skills. We will ask you to submit your resume when you apply, and we may also get in touch to check your Spanish skills before you are accepted. For this internship, you must be able to commit to at least 12 weeks on the project.



Our Print Journalism project is located at the Communications Office of Costa Rica’s National University in the lively city of Heredia. The office is staffed by professional journalists and is focused on two main areas. The first is a free newspaper, of which five thousand copies are distributed to university campuses all over Costa Rica every month. The second is an audio-visual and multimedia department which produces a weekly television program for a local television channel, regular online news bulletins, and a radio program.

The journalists cover local and national news, as well as university news stories, arts, sports, and education. The Communications Office also generates promotional material and informative literature for the university.

As a print journalism intern you will gain a broad range of experience in the day to day running of a communications office. You will have the opportunity to get involved in both the newspaper and the audio-visual department, depending on your skills and areas of interest. Working under the senior journalists, you will shadow and assist them both in the office and in the field, as they cover local news and university stories for the newspaper and the university’s television channel, Campus TV. You could also assist during the production of their weekly radio program if requested.

Regular tasks on the Journalism internship are likely to include:

  • Accompanying the journalists to press conferences
  • Helping cover stories at the university
  • Transcribing and editing texts
  • Assisting the film crew
  • Assisting the television and radio editor and producer
  • Learning about the recording, editing, and production process
  • Taking photographs for the newspaper and website

If you have a particular interest in print journalism or audio-visual production and would like to focus more on one of these areas, please let us know on your application.

Please note that the University closes for Christmas, Easter, and summer breaks. Therefore the print journalism placement will be unavailable during the main university vacation from mid-December until the beginning of February, during Easter week, and for approximately the first 2 weeks of July.




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